The preliminaries for those competing to go to Brazil in 2014 to compete in the World Cup of soccer are almost over. Only two more games remain those teams within the CONCACAF division and only one more spot guarantees an immediate pass (there is another chance for the team that comes in fourth place, but entry into the World Cup will be disputed in a match against New Zealand for this team).

Through a series of nail-biting matches yesterday, Costa Rica managed to classify into the 월드컵토토 along the United States, leaving Mexico, Panama and Honduras in a fight to death in order to see who gets to rank third.
The remaining matches for these three teams are:

  • Honduras – Costa Rica
  • Mexico – Panama (must watch, I even placed a small bet in a sportsbook since it’s getting intense)
  • Jamaica – Honduras
  • Panama – United States
  • Mexico – Costa Rica

Now, the U.S. is in the World Cup with 16 points while Costa Rica has 15. The three teams that are fighting over the third spot have:

  • Mexico – 8
  • Honduras – 11
  • Panama – 8

Basically, if Honduras loses the match – or it ends up with a tie -, one of the other two teams has a good chance of catching up and classifying (unless their match – Mexico vs. Panama – also ends up on a tie, which would limit their odds).

As you can see, it’s getting pretty heated up.

Even if Honduras manages to win the next game and almost secure their place in the 2014 World Cup of soccer (or have it guaranteed if they win and there is a tie between Mexico and Panama), Mexico and Panama have to fight for that fourth place in order to have a chance by playing a match against New Zealand (whomever wins this match would get in).

Normally, I would say that Honduras will classify and Mexico will come in fourth place; however, Mexico is in awful shape. They might bare their fangs during their next matches, but so will Panama. If the match between Mexico and Panama ends up with a tied score, their next match can define everything (Panama needs to play against the U.S. and Mexico needs to play against Costa Rica, and both games are in enemy territory, talk about tough luck).

It’s basically war within a sport what we are seeing here. The US and Costa Rica are strong teams and deserve their position, and even though they already have a spot in the World Cup, they won’t lose against either team on purpose.

I think Mexico is out of the World Cup and Panama will win against New Zealand. That’s what I’m betting on (quite literally since I’ll bet on each game with my online sportsbook); Panama will win against Mexico and tie with the US (which gives them the fourth place even if Mexico wins against Costa Rica), and then win the match against New Zealand.

If you’re up for the challenge, go ahead, bet against my odds in some sportsbook. Spice things up a little bit more, not that they aren’t practically on fire already.